Car dents, door dings, scratches, rock chips, and hail damage are unavoidable over the lifetime of your vehicle. Fortunately, with innovative paintless dent repair techniques, dents are easily fixed without the need to visit a body shop. Paintless dent removal is the fast, affordable, and environmentally repair option that involves gently massaging dents from vehicle panels while avoiding harsh chemicals, fillers, and costly replacements. In many cases, repairs can be completed while you wait, without affecting your insurance or devaluing your vehicle.

We offer a variety of affordable paintless dent repair services that retain your vehicle’s value by keeping original paint and parts intact while restoring surfaces to their pristine pre-damage condition. Additionally, if you are looking to protect your vehicle before damage occurs, we offer various protective services including professional ceramic coating and paint film protection application. 

the faster, greener, and more affordable way to keep your car looking like new

  • Affordable – Costs a fraction of what you pay for traditional body shop repairs
  • Fast – Sometimes work can be done while you wait, often in less than two hours
  • Original factory paint is maintained – Metal is gently molded back to its original form without affecting paint finish
  • Won’t devalue your car – Retains original factory finish paint and leaves car parts intact
  • Kind to the planet – No chemicals, bonds, fillers or paints used
  • Superior finish – Highly skilled technicians use special tools to massage dents out and leave your vehicle in good-as-new, pre-dent condition
  • Canadian Dent has extensive experience in handling hail claims from all insurance companies – Give us a call and we will advise regarding the estimate procedures and handle your hail claim from start to finish.

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