Costly Mistakes People Make When Dealing with Hail Damage

Depending on where you live, thunderstorms, hail, and other types of extreme weather are common and often happen during the summer. Hail size can vary from tiny, pea-size ice drops to larger, golf ball-sized hail.

In June 2020, a hail storm in Calgary saw 70,000 damage claims made with insurance companies. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, these claims were worth about $1.3 billion, and a large portion of the claims were vehicle damage.

Unfortunately, some mistakes can be made when dealing with hail damage repairs. This can slow down your insurance claim or even prevent you from getting as much as you need from your insurance claim.

Common costly mistakes when dealing with hail damage repairs

Whether you’ve experienced hail damage or not, it’s always important to be prepared for what can happen, especially if you’ll be filing an insurance claim. Here are some of the most costly mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Being unprepared

During storm seasons, it’s best to be prepared and informed. Follow weather reports and have a plan to protect your vehicle if there is a storm set to approach. This may mean finding suitable shelter like a carport or garage to leave your vehicle in so it won’t get damaged if hail is part of the storm system.

It’s also important that you understand your insurance policy to know how much hail damage coverage you have. If you start planning before storm season, you’ll be better able to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Underestimating the hail damage

Hail-Damage-RepairSometimes, hail damage to your vehicle may not look like a big deal. This can be the case with hail damage, particularly if the hail is smaller.

However, even the slightest dent can become a massive headache over time. If left untreated, hail damage can impact your vehicle’s resale value and good looks. It’s best to have a professional assess the damage even if you don’t think it looks bad.

Calling a body shop instead of a specialist

Another big mistake vehicle owners make when it comes to hail damage repairs is to call a traditional body shop rather than a paintless dent repair specialist. It’s like seeing a family doctor when you need the advice and assistance of a surgeon.

Hail damage repairs require the experience and expertise of a dent specialist. At Canadian Dent, we have the know-how to ensure your vehicle is repaired to high standards.

Relying on insurance company suggestions

If you’re making an insurance claim to help cover the cost of hail damage to your vehicle, your insurance company may suggest an auto body repair shop. But if you’re dealing with hail damage, it’s better to research and find a specialist that you’re comfortable with to handle the repairs.

Remember, just because your insurance company suggests a repair shop doesn’t mean you have to follow their advice.

Attempting to DIY

Sometimes well-meaning automobile owners will try to fix the hail damage themselves. While the dents may appear small, and several online videos and tutorials seem easy enough, the only way to ensure your vehicle is repaired is to take it to a specialist.

Unless the dent is fixed right the first time, it can lead to more significant problems, including rust and holes in your vehicle. Skilled auto detailers understand the best approach to each dent. We offer the peace of mind that your vehicle will be fixed right the first time.

Waiting to repair hail damage

It’s understandable if you live in an area with a lot of hail storms, but there are better approaches for your vehicle or insurance. Sometimes, people think it’s best to wait to repair hail damage until the storm season is over.

Instead, insurance companies expect you to make your claims promptly. Many insurance companies also have limits on the time allowed between incurred damage and the repairs, at which point the repair is no longer covered.

Not filing an insurance claim

Hail damage can look like a small thing, and some people may worry that their monthly premiums will increase if they make an insurance claim. However, this is not always the case. it’s best to check with your insurance company and understand your policy.

Moreover, the monthly premiums you pay entitle you to make claims against hail damage. So, why not take advantage of the protection you’ve purchased?


Every province has standard compliance for vehicles. You could violate these legal standards if you have hail damage like a broken light and don’t get it fixed. If you get stopped by the police, you’ll be on the hook for the fine.

Why choose Canadian Dent?

Your vehicle’s value is vital. At Canadian Dent, we understand how much you rely on your vehicle daily. Our team is committed and trained to offer fast and affordable hail damage repairs that retain the value of your vehicle.

We use innovative paintless dent repair techniques that are gentle on your vehicle and environmentally friendly as we avoid using harsh chemicals. Canadian Dent also offers proactive protection for your vehicle so you can save your vehicle from future damage.

We’ve handled claims from various insurance companies and can walk you through the process.
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