How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) Cost

One of the main reasons people often choose paintless dent repair (PDR) for removing dents from their vehicle is a low cost compared to a traditional body shop repair. PDR techniques are much less invasive, so we can often avoid the costly parts of autobody repairs.

However, the cost of paintless dent repair (PDR) repairs can still vary quite a bit depending on the size and shape of the dent, the location of the car, and the type of car itself. For these reasons, estimating a dent repair cost accurately and fairly is difficult without seeing the vehicle in person

Does size matter?

Not all dents are created equal. Sometimes, a dent that is small in diameter might be very difficult to fix. Small dents can be sharp or in locations that are hard to access with tools, making them difficult to repair. Conversely, a dent with a large diameter can sometimes be relatively easy to fix if the metal hasn’t been stretched very much.

Shape Shifter

The shape of a dent can also influence the cost of the repair. A nice round dent is usually the easiest to repair, but sometimes dents can be in a sharp line or across a bodyline or other bodywork features. Dents can also have a ridge feature above the dent, called a crown, which can sometimes be hard to see at first glance. A sharp crown can often be the most challenging part of the dent to repair. Generally, any sharp deformation in the bodywork will make paintless dent repair more time-consuming and, consequently, more costly.

Location, Location, Location

The location of a dent on the vehicle is one of the most important factors when estimating repair costs. Paintless dent repair (PDR) techniques involve special tools that massage the metal back to its original form, so a technician needs to be able to get their tools into the area both behind and on the outside of the dent.

Each vehicle has its quirks and features related to its design and assembly. Sometimes we can access dents very easily, and other times it can be very time-consuming. Our experience fixing thousands of vehicles has taught us what to expect, so we can usually correctly estimate what a repair will require.

For the reasons above, repair costs can vary greatly, and it isn’t easy to estimate without the proper skills and knowledge and seeing the vehicle in person. We would love to be able to provide estimates conveniently online from photos. Unfortunately, we would not be fair to ourselves or our customers without properly evaluating most damage in person.

There is, however, a limit to what paintless dent repair (PDR) can fix. When the metal is severely deformed, it can be too time-consuming to repair with PDR, and that money would be better spent at a body shop where they have more powerful and aggressive options.

But paintless dent repair (PDR) can save you thousands of dollars for many types of minor damage. Our repairs start at $150 and usually don’t get much higher than $750-850 for a single dent repair that doesn’t require paint work.

We do offer discounts for multiple dents and other service bundles. Give us a call or drop by our shop any time during business hours for a free estimate.

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