Paint Protection Film – Scam or Saviour?

Paint protection film (PPF), sometimes called “3M” after a popular product brand, is a thin layer of plastic film applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect the paint from damage. It’s a controversial topic in the automotive world, with some people claiming that it’s over-priced and not required, while others swear by its effectiveness. In this blog post, we’ll explore both sides of the argument to help you decide whether paint protection film is a good idea.

What is Paint Protection Film?

PPF is a transparent urethane film applied to a vehicle’s exterior. It protects the paint from scratches, stone chips, and other damage during everyday driving. The film is self-healing, which meansInstallation of a protective film on the car body. Protection of the paintwork. that minor scratches will disappear on their own over time.

The film is available in various thicknesses, with the thicker films offering better protection but being more expensive. Most paint protection films are designed to be invisible so that they won’t change the appearance of your vehicle.

Is PPF a Scam?

Some people argue that paint protection film is a scam because it’s expensive and doesn’t offer complete protection against all types of damage. They point out that sharp objects or abrasive materials can still damage the film and that it won’t prevent dents or other types of damage to the vehicle’s body.

Others argue that paint protection film is a scam because it’s often sold as an add-on by car dealerships and other businesses, and the markup can be significant. They claim that the film is overpriced and that the benefits are overstated.

Is PPF a Good Idea?

Many car enthusiasts swear by paint protection film and believe it’s a worthwhile investment. They argue that the film protects against minor scratches and stone chips that can accumulate over time and detract from the vehicle’s appearance. They also point out that the film can help preserve the vehicle’s resale value by keeping the paint in better condition.

Indeed, the paint protection film isn’t a foolproof solution to protect against all types of damage. Still, it provides significant protection against the most common types of damaged vehicles that are likely to encounter daily. It’s also important to note that the film’s self-healing properties mean that minor scratches will disappear over time, making the film look new again.

Perhaps most importantly, PPF protects your paint from small chips accumulated over time from stones and rocks commonly found on Alberta roads. After several years of unprotected driving on our roads, certain areas of a vehicle can be quite chipped. If these chips aren’t dealt with, rust will begin to form, at which point your paint will be compromised and will begin to delaminate and peel off. At the least, chipped bodywork is unsightly and will hurt the vehicle’s resale value. At worst, it will require a repaint which is costly and ideally avoided to maintain the original factory paint finish.

Ultimately, whether paint protection film is a good idea or not depends on your circumstances and priorities. If you take pride in your vehicle’s appearance and want to keep it looking its best for as long as possible, paint protection film might be worthwhile. If you’re not as concerned about the appearance of your vehicle or are on a tight budget, you might not see the value in investing in paint protection film, but forgoing PPF may cost you more down the road for lease returns or paint repairs.

In conclusion, while paint protection film may not be for everyone, it is a legitimate product that can benefit those willing to invest in it. If you’re considering paint protection film for your vehicle, research, compare prices, and carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding. Book with us today.

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