Scuff & Scratch Repair

Micro repair is utilized on car surfaces where damage has also been done to the paint on the vehicle, often seen on bumpers and fenders. Our skilled micro repair specialists can buff out scuffs and scratches, and utilize a plastic welding technique for cracked bumpers that leaves the bumper smooth and crack-free. If you have paint chips caused by flying rocks or a door dent, our service will revitalize your existing paint finish and inhibit rusting and corrosion.

Micro repair is confined only to the area of the damage, and rarely requires removal of a panel. This means that all of these repairs can be completed at a fraction of the cost of conventional body repair, and can often save you a claim on your auto insurance.





We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

At Canadian Dent, our mission is to “under promise and over deliver”. Very simply put, we guarantee complete satisfaction. Please contact us if you have any questions about your paintless dent removal needs. If you have any concerns, we will make it right.