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They “nailed it”, I’m a perfectionist and they hit perfection

Just got home from Canadian Dent and I just can’t wipe the smile off my face. We had two dents on one door of our Lincoln MKX and just looking at them, especially in the light, made me cringe. It really cheapened the look of this gorgeous vehicle. I left it with Dave and his staff at Canadian Dent and just hoped that they could make it look reasonably good. Well, they “nailed it”. I’m a perfectionist and they hit perfection. I can honestly say you’d never know that there was an issue on this door. Even better was the cost of repair. I’ve never had better value given the results they achieved. It was worth every penny and it wasn’t a lot of pennies. If you have a dent on your car and the paint is still intact, don’t take your car anywhere else. Thanks again to Dave and the staff at Canadian Dent.

Dale Jones

The most impossible task at hand and they pulled through

Today the guys at Canadian dent put a big smile on my face after seeing the amazing work they put into fixing my car today, I give them two thumbs up for one of the most impossible task at hand and they pulled through. Thank you very much and I will recommend them to friends and family and also anybody who needs repairs or services done on their vehicles. Thanks again for the excellent work.

Barry Atwell

Amazing service and workmanship!!!

Amazing service and workmanship!!! Would recommend these folks to anyone. I had a crack in my bumper and instead of replacing the entire bumper, they fused it back together and it looks brand new at a mere fraction of the cost of a bumper replacement!

Calgary Shipping

Clearly a well-experienced professional in his field

Canadian Dent just completed a major hail damage repair to my 2018 Toyota Highlander and the job is outstanding. The hail damage was extensive and the vehicle now looks like new again. Dave also made some good recommendations on techniques to use to fix this damage, clearly a well-experienced professional in his field. This is my second hail damage repair by Canadian Dent and I am very happy with both results. I highly recommend Canadian Dent to anyone who needs hail damage repair or any other type of auto-body repairs. Thank you to the Canadian Dent Team!

David Jordan

Fantastic service, looks brand new again!

Fantastic service. Had some pretty major dents and huge red scratch on the back fender of my brand new truck and I thought it couldn’t be fixed but they got about 90% of it due to where the dents were located and it looks brand new again. The price was also much, much less than I expected. Will definitely recommend them and be back if I ever need to in the future!

Julia Jankowski

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Colin Lockert
Colin Lockert
02:59 12 May 20
My wife's truck had seen too many tight parking spaces at her former employer, and had the door dings to prove it. I was fed up with looking at them on our otherwise well-kept 1/2 ton. Last week I popped into Canadian Dent for a quick appraisal - today we had it fixed. Dave worked his magic on all four dents - and to my absolute delight and that of my wife's (more importantly) our truck is once again dent-free. I challenge anyone to guess where they were. Just an amazing job! Well done... Canadian Dent. Five Stars!read more
Darrell Yip
Darrell Yip
23:02 10 May 20
Great service. Accurate quote. Skilled and efficient workmanship. They were able to repair a door dent that was located in a difficult spot (along a door crease near the door edge), removing virtually all of the dent and making it visually imperceptible. They also did a great job removing the associated clear coat scratches that ran along the front/rear doors. Would not hesitate to recommend Canadian Dent!
Gheeno San Pascual III
Gheeno San Pascual III
19:18 07 May 20
Pros : Fixed 3 dents in about 30 minutes. Paint-less, and didn't even have to remove the 3M wrap. The job is precise and excellent. The quote/price is on the low end. Cons : I wish I knew this family business sooner.Don't hesitate to visit them and ask for a quote. They might even accommodate you sooner than you think. Thank you CanadianDent!
mark lomenda
mark lomenda
15:42 29 Apr 20
I checked out a few auto-body shops for an estimate on the dent I had on the passenger side right above the wheel well. They required removing the front panel, hammering out the dent and repainting. The estimate came in at $1500-$2000. Seemed like way too much, so I sourced out Canadian Dent in south east Calgary. A quick 5 minute visit and an appointment was booked for the following Tuesday. Total cost of the outstanding repair job was $350 plus gst. I tried to find the dent, but couldn’t.... Excellent workmanship and very friendly staff. I would definitely recommend Canadian Dent for paintless dent repair. Thanks for making my day ????.read more
Hilary Carlucci
Hilary Carlucci
00:14 16 Apr 20
This was my 2nd visit to Canadian Dent in 3 yrs and received the same great service, pricing and fabulous workmanship! Wish I had taken before and after pictures but you won't be disappointed. Highly recommend them!
Adam Moore
Adam Moore
00:51 07 Apr 20
Purchased a slightly used truck from a nearby dealership, upon delivery after I got home I noticed some hail dents and a dent on the lower portion of the tailgate that were not documented at the point of sale, I did not notice them at the test drive as it was covered in snow/ice. I spoke with my sales guy and he had insisted these damages were not there when I took delivery and didn't offer to help with cost to repair. I called Canadian Dent and they were very accommodating, booked me in right... away and I was blown away at the results. Will definitely come back if I need them again. Thank you again for the fantastic results.read more
Laura Vance
Laura Vance
03:01 01 Feb 20
Amazing experience at Canadian Dent.They were able to get my car in within days of me inquiring. After working towards the hail repairs on my car for almost 2 years, being able to see my car look brand new is amazing.Great work Canaduan dent! I'm so happy with my car!
Ingrid Gonzales
Ingrid Gonzales
16:06 30 Jan 20
My new low ride sports car was dented 2 days after I bought it. I brought it into Canadian Dent and they did an excellent job. Excellent customer service and they painted it for free! I would highly reccomend Canadian Dent to family and friends!!
Janos Kovacs
Janos Kovacs
19:03 01 Dec 19
Their paint chip repair service is superb, the customer service is always professional, and the pricing is fair.
Julia Jankowski
Julia Jankowski
23:16 15 Aug 19
Fantastic service. Had some pretty major dents and huge red scratch on the back fender of my brand new truck and I thought it couldn't be fixed but they got about 90% of it due to where the dents were located and it looks brand new again. The price was also much, much less than I expected. Will definitely recommend them and be back if I ever need to in the future!
01:26 25 Oct 18
Fine guys here who did an amazing restoration on my truck.
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    positive review  Took our Shelby GT-H there for a small dent...Absolutely amazing! Can't tell where it happened now. Thank you guys!

    Glenda Flahr Avatar Glenda Flahr
    July 8, 2020

    positive review  After getting several quotes for a dent in my drivers side rear panel and bumper, Canadian Dent was by far the most affordable and fastest time in the shop. The paint less dent repair was an obvious option, rather than replacing the bumper entirely. Overall the team at Canadian Dent made it a great experience and thanks to Landon for the quick turnover time! Definitely will visit again!

    Delaney Showers Avatar Delaney Showers
    June 29, 2020

    positive review  Second time in the last year that i've used this location to repair dents on my 2019 Mustang GT. Due to the great experience that i had on the first visit, it made my decision to bring my business here a second time a no brainer. During my daily commute down Stoney Trail the left side of my hood was hit by a large rock. I thought that the damage would be too severe for paintless dent repair but took it to Roy (the owner) at the Airdrie location to take a look at it anyway. Roy was confident that he could fix the damage so i booked it in. Roy had the dent removed within a couple of hours of having the car dropped off. Very happy with work that these guys do !

    Simon Smith Avatar Simon Smith
    June 28, 2020

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